About us

About the brand:

Good Enough Apparel is all about creating a community that spreads love and acceptance one person at a time. In the long term we aim to help beyond donations through our own events making a more direct impact in helping mental health initiatives.

The brand was started based on a lot of imposter syndrome. Perfection has never been my thing considering how often I've failed forward. Each person in the community we have started also has their own story and yet we all seem to have found a way to connect and walk our paths together.


Why mental health matters:

"My mother has depression and bipolar disorder, and my father left us early on. Because of that I had to grow up in multiple foster homes from ages 3-18. That kind of past really takes a toll on mental health and dealing with my mother's ongoing mental health issues is still a challenge I face today. From a point of empathy I really resonate with mental health issues of our generation."

- John Edward, Founder


About the clothing:


At Good Enough Apparel, we take great pride in our commitment to producing clothing that is proudly made in Canada. We firmly believe in supporting local economies and the skilled artisans who contribute to our vibrant Canadian fashion industry. Each garment we create is meticulously hand-crafted by talented designers and skilled craftspeople right here in Canada, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

By keeping our manufacturing processes local, we have full control over every aspect of production, from sourcing materials to the final stitching. This allows us to maintain strict quality standards, ensuring that our customers receive clothing that not only looks great but also stands the test of time. We believe that our dedication to producing in Canada contributes to the overall sustainability and ethical practices of our brand.

When you choose Good Enough Apparel, you not only get to enjoy stylish and comfortable clothing, but you also support local communities and contribute to the growth of Canadian fashion. Our commitment to producing clothing in Canada reflects our values of quality, sustainability, and supporting local talent. Join us in celebrating the craftsmanship and creativity that thrives within our borders and experience the pride of wearing clothing made right here in Canada.